In a recent study, one group of participants watched video recordings of themselves running on treadmills, and a seco...

fady-yatooma on August 26, 2020


"In studies of identical twins" how do we assume that participants lie or overreport in studies outside of those of identical twins? The recent study is not known to be that of identical twins, and this phenomenon could be exclusive to those studies. Can you please explain why it is appropriate to stretch what might happen in studies of identical twins to other studies especially given that those studies have a relevant difference (IDENTICAL twins) than others.

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marinar96 on January 10, 2021

^^^^ I thought the same thing... looking at yourself is not the same as looking at someone who looks very similar to you... I know that the answer does not have to make the argument valid, but I do not see how this answer could have any relevant weight on the reasoning of the argument, considering that "identical twins" is a very specific characteristic and could have an effect on the results of the studies for that mere reason...

DylanMorris on August 6, 2021

Same question here...