If Togowa is assigned a higher–numbered parking space than Souza, then which one of the following could be true?

John on August 26, 2020

Why is D incorrect?

What I interpreted from the rules of the game is: -T>Y>R -S>X -R cannot be 5 and cannot be 6 -V is not bound to rules The scenario I came up with prior to selecting D doesn't violate the stipulated order above and reads as follows: TSYRXV Even when I test the the plausible scenario of the correct answer and place V in 5, I can still place S in the second position without violating any rules: TSYRVX That all being said, why can't S be second?

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Emil on June 14 at 02:09AM

Hi, this question asks what would happen if T is higher than S, which is not the case in your scenario.