People who have political power tend to see new technologies as a means of extending or protecting their power, where...

on August 27 at 03:57PM


Can someone please explain why the answer is B and not C? I thought that C was revealing the gap in the argument ...

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Ravi on September 10 at 04:11AM

Let's look at (B) and (C).

(C) says, "Ethical inventiveness and technical ingenuity are never
possessed by the same individuals."

The issue with (C) is that it's telling us that there won't be people
who're both happy and sad if the conclusion is true, but it's not
helping us to conclude that some people will be happy and other people
will be sad, so we can get rid of this choice.

(B) says, "Politically powerful people tend to reward those who they
believe are useful to them and to punish those who they believe are a

(B) looks great because we needed something to get us from opinion to
result. (B) gives us the actions the the people in power take in order
to bring about the result, so that's why it's correct.