James: Many people claim that the voting public is unable to evaluate complex campaign issues. The television comm...

James on September 1, 2020

Why not E

How would polling data that shows Reade as competent and trustworthy not strengthen the argument that voters view him as competent and trustworthy? Also, why is the correct answer D? It seems to have no relevance to the argument to me.

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Michael on April 27, 2021

Hello. I am not an instructor but this is why I chose D:

D states that "Polling data show that most voters cannot identify Reade's positions on campaign issues." If this is true, then it would challenge James' idea that the reason Reade is leading the polls is because of his discussion of complex issues, since if this is why most voters like him, then they should have some idea of his position on issues. This would in turn strengthen Maria's argument that the discussion of complex issues is irrelevant to why voters prefer Reade.