Patti: Most parents are eager for their preschoolers to learn as much as possible. However, instead of providing gen...

hfatima1 on September 10, 2020

c vs D

can someone please explain why C is wrong and why D is correct? i thought c was bridging the gap from the first premise to the conclusion.

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Emil-Kunkin on March 30 at 01:11PM

I think c does give us a way of bridging the gap but this is not a sufficient assumption question, which asks us to bridge the gap. This is a necessary assumption question, which is basically a must be true. Here the author doesn't have to believe that C is true, and in fact, I think C bridges the gap in the wrong direction, it makes the conclusion false rather than true. D does have to be true. If guided exploration were a key element of learning, then her argument would make no sense.