The author refers to "alibis" (first sentence of the passage) primarily in order to

on September 15, 2020

B vs C

Could someone explain why B is wrong and C is correct? Thank you

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on September 27, 2020

Can someone answer this?

on September 28, 2020

I have the same question!

Francisco on September 30, 2020

I also have the same question!

Victoria on October 14, 2020

Hi @Gabe85, @Josh_Roman, @liwenong28, and @fdaniel,

Happy to help!

Answer choice (B) is incorrect because the author is discussing interviewing witnesses, not suspects.

Answer choice (C) is correct because (dis)confirming alibis is presented as something that may result from an effective interview with an eyewitness who provides lots of information.

Hope this helps! Please let us know if you have any further questions.

on October 25, 2020

Got it, thank you! I think I assumed the witness was also a suspect. This makes sense, thanks!