Any driver involved in an accident leading to personal injury or property damage exceeding $500 is legally required t...

Meredith on September 16, 2020


How would you diagram the premise? I have a hard time diagramming when there's layers of conditional language.

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NickJFall on March 21, 2021

Disclaimer: I got the answer wrong by misreading answer choice (e), but after review I still believe that my diagram setup works to produce (b).

This is a Nested Conditional.

(DID>500 --/--> RADMV) ----> IDS

DID>500 ----> RADMV or IDS (original)
noRADMV and noIDS ----> noDID>500 (contrapositive)

The simplified, original diagram produced the answer to (b), since the or statement was limited by the stimulus, leaving "IDS" (incapable of doing so). Also, the same answer-choice grants that "DID>500" occurred.

The diagram setup allows for (b) and agrees with the stimulus.