Where each photograph is hung is fully determined if which one of the following is true?

Balwant on September 16 at 08:31PM

Determining the "most restrictive" answer choices?

Hello, How are we supposed to determine which answer choices are the "most restrictive"? Are the "most restrictive" answer choices basically the ones that force something else to happen?

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on January 28 at 02:59AM

@Mehran or anyone

Can we please get an answer to this? I'm wondering the same too because I do agree that knowing the most restrictive answer choice will save a lot of time, but I was looking at option A, for example, because it involved G, which is a mini block that is normally restrictive, but as pointed out within the video, G isn't the most restrive answer choice, it was L. So what is a tip for me to know what answer choice is the most restrictive? Main question: Does the location within the sequence the ultimate factor on what makes a letter/rule super restricted or not? As in, should I be looking for answer choices that restrict the beginning or end section of a sequence if I am unsure which is the most restrictive answer choice?