Which one of the following CANNOT be a complete and accurate list of the kinds of flowers in bouquet 2?

on September 17, 2020

I don't understand why A is right

If L and R in group 2, this is how I proceed: Group 3 must have S and group, and group 2 and 3 must share two member sin common. So group 2 is LRTP and Group 3 is STP. Lastly Group 1 and 3 can't have anything in common so they are made LR. Total Grouping: 1 | LR 2 | LR TP 3 | S TP Doesn't this satisfy all the conditions? Please advise

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Emil on May 4 at 10:42PM

Hi, the question is asking which of them couldnt be a complete list of the flowers in 2. In your scenario t and p are also in 2.