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on September 18, 2020

Still don't get why A is correct

The stimulus says that it's flawed on the basis of a lack of evidence, but the argument says that evidence is there, it's just deeply flawed. So how could it be based on a lack of evidence?

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Shunhe on September 18, 2020

Hi @lklop,

Thanks for the question! So I’m not sure what you mean by “the stimulus” and “the argument”; I think you’re referring to the stimulus and the answer choice. Remember, the stimulus is telling us that the survey data have turned out to be deeply flawed. And what does (A) say? It says that the argument is flawed because it infers that a claim is false just because no satisfactory evidence for it has been offered. The key word here is satisfactory. Does (A) say that no evidence for it has been offered? No, it’s that no SATISFACTORY evidence has been offered. For example, you might go to a restaurant and say “there’s no good food here.” That doesn’t mean there’s no food, it just means that if there’s food there, it’s not good. And since (A) does the same thing, it points out the flaw and is the correct answer choice.

Hope this helps! Feel free to ask any other questions that you might have.