Which one of the following CANNOT be true?

Cam on September 18 at 06:05PM

Question 7

Hi, I do not quite understand why limelight cannot be chosen for everyday of the festival. Can you please explain this part ?

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Shunhe on September 18 at 07:54PM

Hi @camclanton,

Thanks for the question! So actually, if you’re referring to (B), it’s not the correct answer choice here. And that’s because L can be chosen for everyday of the festival. It could go on Thursday or Saturday, and then it could go last on Friday.

The correct answer choice to this one should be (A), that H is the last film shown on each day of the festival. And that’s just because of Rule 2: we know that G or L is shown last on Friday, since no film is shown after one of them that day.

Hope this helps! Feel free to ask any other questions that you might have.