Only experienced salespeople will be able to meet the company's selling quota. Thus, I must not count as an experienc...

on September 20 at 11:28PM

Question 20

What is wrong with C?

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Shunhe on September 21 at 05:08PM


Thanks for the question! The problem with (C) is that it’s actually a good contrapositive! Let’s take a look at what it says. It tells us that only oceanographers enjoy the Atlantic in midwinter. Remember that “only” introduces the necessary condition. So we can diagram this

Enjoy Atlantic in midwinter —> Oceanographer

Then, we’re told that Gerald isn’t an oceanographer, so therefore, Gerald doesn't enjoy the Atlantic in midwinter. Well, look at the contrapositive, which is

~Oceanographer —> ~Enjoy Atlantic in midwinter??This is a valid contrapositive! Therefore, it doesn’t match the flawed reasoning, since it isn’t even flawed reasoning in the first place.

Hope this helps! Feel free to ask any other questions that you might have.