Outsiders in any field often believe that they can bring in fresh, useful solutions that have been overlooked by insi...

Alison on September 27, 2020

Can you explain C?

The word "always" in C felt too strong. How is C the correct answer? I am having trouble understanding.

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Shunhe on October 2, 2020

Hi @alicat7,

Thanks for the question! So we’re told here that outsiders in any field think they can bring in fresh solutions that insiders overlook. But actually, creative attempts without relevant experience are futile. Why? Because only people who really understand problems can solve them, and you can only get that understanding with experience. We can diagram this:

Creative solution works —> Grounded in relevant experience
Solve problem —> Understand problem
Understand problem —> Experience

So now we’re asked for something most strongly supported by the information above. Take a look at (C), which tells us that creative solutions in a field always come from people with experience in that field. Well, that’s basically the first thing we diagrammed! Since it’s essentially a restatement, this has to be true based on the stimulus, and that’s what makes (C) true. The “always” is strongly worded, but the stimulus is also strongly worded—it basically says all attempts not grounded in relevant experience are futile, which means that creative solutions always come from people with experience.

Hope this helps! Feel free to ask any other questions that you might have.