If Lemmon is scheduled for Friday, which one of the following pairs CANNOT be scheduled for the same day as each other?

Nativeguy on October 1, 2020

Question 22

Really cannot understand how the answer is E, I plugged Lemmon and Garvey and it worked fine. Please explain.

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shunhe on October 1, 2020

Hi @Nativeguy,

Thanks for the question! So actually, the answer to do this one should be (D)! If it shows up as (E), please contact support. (E) works because they could be scheduled on the same day; it could be:

Wed: H X
Thurs: JK
Fri: LG
?So (E) works. But (D) doesn’t, we can’t put K and H on the same day. If we put them both on Wednesday, then J has to be on Thursday and G has to be on Friday (because of the 2nd rule). But that breaks the third rule. If we put them both on Thursday, we put J on Wednesday, but then G has to be on Thursday, but we already put two people on Thursday, so that doesn’t work either.

Hope this helps! Feel free to ask any other questions that you might have.