If X is completed last, then which one of the following must be false?

on October 12, 2020

Seriously confused

I could not figure out how to set up this game and really confused about how B was the answer.


on January 2, 2021

Me, too. With my setup, it looks like W could be third...

z/y z/y w x

Rule 1: F or L must be assigned Z - this would be satisfied since z could go with either of them.

Rule 2: F must go with W if G is not. G is with W, so this should be fine.

Rule 3: If H is with y, F cannot be assigned to W. H is not with y and F is not with W, so this should be fine.

Rule 4: F's project is immediately before G's - this would be satisfied as well.

Rule 5: H's project is completed last - this is also satisfied.

Can someone please clarify this? Thank you!

on February 12, 2021

Rule 5: If X is completed last, it must be X with H.

Rule 3: If F not with W, H with Y
Contrapositive: If H not with Y, F is with W

So if X is with H then it meets the contrapositive (not being with Y), and so F must be with W.

Rule 4: If F must be immediately before G, then in this specific scenario, F must be at minimum in spot 2. If it were in spot 3, then G would need to be in spot 4. H is already in spot 4, so F can't be in spot 3.

Further, since F must be with W, then W also can't be in spot 3.