Meyer was found by his employer to have committed scientific fraud by falsifying data. The University of Williamstown...

Kayla on October 15 at 05:11PM

Confused on why the correct answer is D.

I wanted to pick D but the stimulus said that the University "found that he had not" falsified the data, I didn't pick D because it only refers to what would happen if someone is found to have committed scientific fraud. It is very possible that I am misunderstanding the stimulus but I have read the previous question and still do not really understand. Is it possible to get a little further explanation? Thank you in advance!

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Ravi on October 15 at 08:41PM

@kaylarussell, looking at D, it's great because it's a broad and very strong rule. Anyone who has a PhD and commits any type of scientific fraud will lose their PhD.

We know that Meyer has a PhD and committed scientific fraud, so this guarantees that he will get his PhD revoked. It doesn't matter that they didn't find that he committed fraud in his thesis; he still committed fraud at his job.