The passage suggests that each of the following contributed to Congress's enacting the War Powers Resolution of 1973 ...

jing jing on October 15 at 07:09PM

Could someone please explain this?

Could someone please explain this? Thanks

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Ravi on October 15 at 08:24PM, let's take a look.

For (A), this is is true—Nixon was the last straw. For (C), because this was the turning point for Congress, we can safely assume that Congress likely wanted to be consulted in the future. For (D), "monetary costs" is one of the ultimate reasons Congress made this particular move. For (E), we're told in the passage that Congress was motivated to enact the War Powers resolution in part because of the "human and monetary costs" of the Vietnam conflict, so we have support that the number of lives lost in Vietnam was a contributing factor.

(B) is the only choice that's not discussed in the passage; there's simply nothing in the passage pertaining to defense treaties.