Salmonella is a food borne microorganism that can cause intestinal illness. The illness is sometimes fatal, especiall...

zachmorley2 on October 22, 2020

What is the correct answer the correct answer?

The correct answer claims that the test detects Salmonella at a level too low to pose a health risk. Wouldn't that be a good thing, as detecting the illness earlier, when it isn't severe, would produce optimal healthcare treatment?

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liwenong28 on December 29, 2020


I am not an instructor but I got the explanation why B is the correct answer.

The argument that we are trying to weaken is the last sentence "public health officials would be well advised to replace the previous Salmonella tests with the new test".

(B) weakens the argument because if true, even when there is such a small amount that it doesn't pose any health risk to people, it could give "false alarms" and lead people to avoid foods that were perfectly safe.

I hope this helps!