If the Villa is auctioned fourth, then how many of the paintings are there that could be the one auctioned second?

Stefani on October 23, 2020

Why only two?

After diagramming this, I had J,R and N as possibilities for the second slot. Why is this not the case?

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Kelsie on February 19, 2021

because J and V cannot be next to each other. That means J cannot be 3, which makes N never able to be 2.

Olivia on April 11, 2022

j would be in the second spot then N then V why isn't it three

Emil on April 15, 2022

Hi Olivia,

We know that if V is 4 then the setup looks like

_ _ _ V K S, and we know that R is before N, and J can't be next to V. This means that J cannot be 3rd. Since J cannot be third, and R cannot be after N, we actually know that N must be third, so the only two possible artists who go second could be R or J.