Researcher: Hard water contains more calcium and magnesium than soft water contains. Thus, those who drink mostly ...

on October 28, 2020


Hey can someone please explain this question to me and why D is incorrect? Thanks!

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Michael on April 27, 2021

Hello I am not an instructor but maybe my understanding will help:

This argument really comes down to the issue of correlation versus causation. In the end, the researcher argues that the low levels of magnesium in their blood CAUSES the problems that he talks about. This is inferred from his belief that people who drink soft water (which has less magnesium) would result in these health issues. E challenges this argument since is brings up another possible explanation: that low magnesium is an indirect EFFECT of the person having these health problems, the direct cause of it being the treatment that the patients take. Thus, having low levels of magnesium would probably not be the cause of these health issues.

D just did not make sense to me. First off, why would people who are suffering from high blood pressure and heart disease take supplements that would inhibit their treatment? Second of all, if they did, wouldn't we expect an increased level of magnesium among these people? If anything, this answer contradicts the stimulus.