Modern science is built on the process of posing hypotheses and testing them against observations—in essence, attempt...

Nagham on November 5 at 04:36PM

Answer B

Can someone please explain to me how is "most" supported in the passage? I would've picked B is if it was "some', but "most" seemed too strong to be the correct answer. Thank you in advance!

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on November 7 at 10:37PM

Hello @Melody,

I can tell that you are paying attention to your quantifier words, which is great. However, you do not need to do so in this case. The word "most" in this context is just a part of the question stem. It is not meant to be a quantifier as in "most Americans drive cars" or "some birds can swim." If the word "most" had appeared in the passage, then you would be absolutely right to consider it a quantifier.

In this case, "most" is simply asking you for the best answer. Which answer choice has the "most support" from the passage? Note that this is a Must Be True question. We are taking information from the passage and drawing our own conclusion. You will see this question stem frequently. Answer choice B is the "most supported," meaning it is the best of the 5 answer choices. We don't have to take it so literally and conclude that B has a greater than 50% likelihood.

Nagham on December 3 at 12:35AM

No sorry this is not what I meant. The "most" I'm referring to is the one in answer choice B.

What confused me in answer choice B is that it starts with "most researchers in climatology..." doesn't that make it an extreme answer? I would've definitely picked it if it started with "some".

Thank you again!

Ashley on May 3 at 07:04PM

I second the above! Could someone explain why "most" doesn't make answer choice B incorrect? I eliminated primarily because I thought "most" was too extreme!