If Gold is shown in the first week, which one of the following could be true?

angelasargent on November 7, 2020

Please answer

Why not e?

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SamA on November 9, 2020

Hello @angelasargent,

I'll help you diagram this one.

Oil Paintings: G, H, I
Watercolors: P, R, S

O: _ _ _ _
W: _ _ _ _
1 2 3 4

In this particular question, we are told that G is in week 1. What else can we infer from this? We know that P cannot be in week one based on rule 2. We know that S cannot be in week one either, because S must be paired with H. This leaves only R for week 1 watercolor.

O: G _ _ _
W: R _ _ _
1 2 3 4

There are more inferences to be made. Consider rule 4, which I diagrammed like this:

H1 or H2 ----> I1 (H can actually never be first according to this rule, but this is how I chose to express "earlier than third.")

Contrapositive: not I1 ---> H3 or H4

Because G is in week one, we know that I cannot be there, triggering the contrapositive above. H must be 3 or 4, which leaves only I for week 2. From this, we can infer that neither S nor R can be in week two (no consecutives), leaving only P.

O: G I H/ H/
W: R P _ _
1 2 3 4

You should now be able to see why S cannot be in week 2. When you are dealing with a game like this that only has three items per group, make sure you pay attention to what is eliminated. By eliminating S and R from week two, I know with certainty that P must be there.

angelasargent on November 10, 2020

@SamA thank you much.

Lisam on July 9, 2021

Hello, why can't Ibek be in week three?

Lisam on July 9, 2021

Hello, why can't Ibek be in week three?

Emil-Kunkin on April 21 at 11:41PM

If G is in the first week, then I must be in the second week, which means that it can't also be third since it can't go back to back.