If Gold is shown in the first week, which one of the following could be true?

on November 7 at 04:03PM

Please answer

Why not e?

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on November 9 at 01:24AM

Hello @angelasargent,

I'll help you diagram this one.

Oil Paintings: G, H, I
Watercolors: P, R, S

O: _ _ _ _
W: _ _ _ _
1 2 3 4

In this particular question, we are told that G is in week 1. What else can we infer from this? We know that P cannot be in week one based on rule 2. We know that S cannot be in week one either, because S must be paired with H. This leaves only R for week 1 watercolor.

O: G _ _ _
W: R _ _ _
1 2 3 4

There are more inferences to be made. Consider rule 4, which I diagrammed like this:

H1 or H2 ----> I1 (H can actually never be first according to this rule, but this is how I chose to express "earlier than third.")

Contrapositive: not I1 ---> H3 or H4

Because G is in week one, we know that I cannot be there, triggering the contrapositive above. H must be 3 or 4, which leaves only I for week 2. From this, we can infer that neither S nor R can be in week two (no consecutives), leaving only P.

O: G I H/ H/
W: R P _ _
1 2 3 4

You should now be able to see why S cannot be in week 2. When you are dealing with a game like this that only has three items per group, make sure you pay attention to what is eliminated. By eliminating S and R from week two, I know with certainty that P must be there.

on November 10 at 08:55PM

@SamA thank you much.