Oscar: I have been accused of plagiarizing the work of Ethel Myers in my recent article. But that accusation is unwar...

Masada on November 10, 2020

explanation please

A and D looked really good i wonder why A is wrong.

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Ravi on November 13, 2020

@Masada, A is wrong because although it has the correct terms, it has negations in the wrong spots. We want the right answer to say something along the lines of "if you get permission, you're not a plagiarist." A is basically saying, "if you don't get permission, you're a plagiarist," so it's out.

Samirah on December 31, 2020

I'm still a bit confused about the contrapositive of A. I thought that its contrapositive would make author gives permission (AGP) necessary, which is what the conclusion seems to do as well. Here is how I diagrammed A:
~AGP --> ~RTQP

Please let me know what the issue is with my diagramming and reasoning!

Abigail-Okereke on November 15, 2022

I diagrammed it the same way as you. I eliminated D because "relinquishing material" seemed extreme.

Emil-Kunkin on November 23, 2022

Hi, I agree that D is a bit extreme, but that does describe what Myers actually did.