The development of new inventions is promoted by the granting of patent rights, which restrict the right of anyone bu...

on November 10, 2020

Why not C?

I get why A is correct but why would C be wrong?

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Ravi on November 11, 2020

@liwenong28, let's look at C. Since this is a strengthen with a necessary premise question, we can use the negation test. The correct choice, when negated, wrecks the argument. The wrong choices, when negated, don't wreck the argument.

C's negation says, "Any costs incurred by a typical inventor in applying for patent rights are not insignificant in comparison to the financial benefit of holding the patent rights."

C's negation says that the costs incurred in applying for patent rights aren't a lot compared to what the inventor makes from having the patent rights. The problem is this doesn't ruin the argument because the inventors are still making money that they otherwise would not have made, so C is out.