It is the mark of a superior conductor that he or she has the authority to insist, even with a top orchestra, that re...

Cheynne on November 12 at 06:29AM

Why not answer choice "E"?

Can some please explain why E is out other than the negation test?

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Ravi on November 13 at 12:18AM

@cheynnelee, E isn't necessary to the argument. The argument explains more of why the superior conductors are superior and how they gain respect, so it doesn't matter about how common or uncommon superior conductors are. It's possible that only a few orchestras in the world are led by superior conductors, or it's possible that all of them are. The point is, it doesn't make a difference to the argument. Hope this helps!

Cheynne on January 2 at 06:51PM

Is this a question that can be diagrammed? If so, can someone please diagram!!