Some games, such as chess and soccer, are competitive and played according to rules, but others, such as children's g...

yassmenaraim on November 13, 2020


I was leaning towards the correct answer about automobiles, but I realized the quantifier in the question stem was "some" as opposed to "most" that was found in the question. That's what threw me off. In the lecture, it said to focus on whether it's flawed/valid and the structure (S&N terms, quantifier terms...etc). Can I get clarification on this, please?

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theprince5 on December 4, 2020

There is a mistake in the explanation:
In the answer choice explanation it says:
"Stimulus Summary: Some games are competitive and have rules; others have neither. Thus, competition and rules are necessary for something to be a game."

The stimulus conclusion is : competition and rules are NOT necessary for something to be a game.