Historian: Radio drama requires its listeners to think about what they hear, picturing for themselves such dramatic ...

on November 14 at 08:56PM

Why is the answer not E?

I chose E, but I want to understand why it's D instead of E. Thanks!

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Sasha on November 21 at 11:22PM

I chose E as well still unclear as to why E does not work. Isn't it an assumption that people who watch TV no longer imagine like the people who listen to the radio because now they can actually see for themselves?

Sasha on November 21 at 11:24PM

Is it that "thinking about what they see" is not the same as imagining? Is it why that does not work?

Dana on December 19 at 05:37AM

I had the same problem and would also like to understand why E is incorrect. Thanks!

on January 7 at 01:28AM

Can an instructor please explain thoroughly why E is wrong?

Shunhe on January 21 at 12:04AM

Hi @evelynakinyemi et al,

Thanks for the question! (E) certainly strengthens the argument, but is it an assumption required by the argument? No, the argument doesn’t need to assume something this strong. We can use the negation test. Television drama does require its viewers to think about what they see. Does that destroy the argument? No, it doesn’t. So it’s not a necessary assumption, and thus not the correct answer.

Hope this helps! Feel free to ask any other questions that you might have.