Which one of the following statements about schooling in the United States during the mid–1940s can be inferred from ...

Anthony-Resendes on December 4, 2020


I read through the passage over and over and still cannot understand how one can infer that teachers from White schools had more time to cover material than teachers in black schools. Please help.

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Anthony-Resendes on December 4, 2020

Never mind, I found it, ugh but its very brief. It does say that black schools were almost matching the term of white schools, therefore one could imply that White schools had longer terms. Ugh frustrating how brief some of these clues can be in the passages.

Emil-Kunkin on June 23 at 08:32PM

Good catch! It is not uncommon that one word, or a seemingly throwaway line can make or break and answer choice. For more general questions like this, I often like to see if I can connect each answer choice to anything that I can remember from the passage.