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on December 10 at 05:57AM

Negating with Unless statement

Is this the correct negation of answer choice B? if the amount of money already spent on the project is not small relative to the agency's overall budget, then a government agency should not cancel a partially completed.

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Shunhe on January 7 at 01:58PM

Hi @lxnxrd19,

Thanks for the question! Negating conditionals is tricky and doesn’t happen often on the LSAT. That said, the negation of a conditional is that the sufficient condition happens, but the necessary condition doesn’t have to happen. So here, the negation of (B) would be that if more than half of the total cost of a project has already been spent, then it doesn’t have to be the case that the project should be completed.

Hope this helps! Feel free to ask any other questions that you might have.