The capture of a wild animal is justified only as a last resort to save that animal's life. But many wild animals are...

Motunrayo-Bamgbose-Martins on December 19, 2020

why is b wrong please

I know why C is correct but why is B wrong please?

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Motunrayo-Bamgbose-Martins on December 19, 2020

is it wrong because "prefer not to punish their child" is different from never punish their child

shunhe on December 21, 2020

Hi @Motunrayo-Bamgbose-Martins,

Thanks for the question! You got it. We can’t equate “never punishing a child” and “preferring to not punish a child.” So since we’re not even dealing with the same premises, this can’t be the correct answer. Also, new terms are introduced from one premise to another. This is clearly not a closer fit than the correct answer choice.

Hope this helps! Feel free to ask any other questions that you might have.