Which one of the following is an allowable structure for an issue of the newsletter?

Rozanna on December 23, 2020

Answer B

Hi, Could you please explain why answer choice B was not eliminated (in the video explanation) based on rule #1? I am not understanding the video explanation for it.

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Shunhe on December 29, 2020

Hi @Rozanna,

Thanks for the question! So answer (B) wasn’t eliminated because read what rule #1 says very carefully: any feature occupying more than one slot must occupy consecutively numbered slots. Now what do we have in (B)? Graphic, tech feature, tech feature, graphic, tech feature. Is there a feature that occupies more than one slot? Yup, the tech feature (the graphics don’t count as a feature). And does the tech feature occupy consecutively numbered slots? Yup, slots 2 and 3. It doesn’t say that they all need to be in consecutively numbered slots, just that the feature has to occupy consecutively numbered slots somewhere.

Hope this helps! Feel free to ask any other questions that you might have.

on January 22, 2022

yes but this doesnt explain the fact that slot 1 doesn't have a fin or tech feature.

Abigail on January 23, 2022

Hello @akishmish98,

You can eliminate answer choice B based on the fact that there is a technology feature and yet there is not a technology/finance feature in slot 1, thereby violating the second rule. So you right in pointing out that is why we can eliminate answer choice B.

I'm not sure if that answered your question. Feel free to follow-up.