If something would have been justifiably regretted if it had occurred, then it is something that one should not have ...

Cheynne on December 24 at 12:16AM

Why D and not B?

Hello, I thought B was the contrapositive of this stimulus therefore selected it as my answer. I thought "D"s language was a little off putting and it does not make sense to me as to how it would be the Sufficient Assumption?

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Shunhe on December 28 at 05:00PM

Hi @cheynnelee,

Thanks for the question! So (B) is wrong because it replaces “forgone pleasures” overall with “forgone pleasures that were not desired.” And (D) is correct because of the diagram:

Justifiably regretted —> ~Should have desired
Conclusion: forgone pleasures <—some—> ~Should have desired

So what we’re missing is that Forgone pleasures <—some—> Justifiably regretted

Hope this helps! Feel free to ask any other questions that you might have.