The author mentions "Reaphael's frescoes in the Vatican apartments" (lines 18-19) for which one of the following reas...

Chelsea on December 27 at 11:50PM

Why is A correct, and not C?

I picked C thinking that it was an example of the second type of artist/patron relationships previously described.

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Shunhe on January 5 at 01:36PM

Hi @Chelsea-Divins,

Thanks for the question! So we’re given a line, so we should go to it and read above and below a few lines for the full context. We’re trying to figure out why the author mentions Raphael’s frescoes in the Vatican apartments. Well, looking at the lines right before this reference, it’s pretty clear that they’re an example of art that expresses the patron’s values. And those values are going to be the values of the elite, and thus elitist art. So the purpose is (A), to support what Taruskin is saying about how art embodies elite values. These frescoes embodies the pope’s values, and so are an example of the sociohistorical critics’ understanding.

Hope this helps! Feel free to ask any other questions that you might have.