Which one of the following would most likely be an example of one of the "rituals, ceremonies, and traditions" mentio...

Remi on December 29, 2020

D not E?

Why is D correct and not E?

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shunhe on January 5, 2021

Hi @Remi,

Thanks for the question! So we’re being asked for an example of one of the “rituals, ceremonies, and traditions” mentioned in lines 26-27. Whenever it gives you a line, make sure you go to that line and read a bit about and below so that you understand the full context of what’s going on.

So let’s take a look at (E) first, which tells us about a traditional village oratory competition in which members of the native culture endeavor to outdo one another in criticizing the colonizing culture. But that’s not what the European traditions would’ve done. Because the Europeans were trying to signify European power over their colonies. So this is the opposite, and thus wrong.

(D), on the other hand, is about a dance that’s modified to depict the friendship between colonial and native cultures. That’s what we want: something from the colonized culture that is then appropriated to serve the Europeans’ purposes.

Hope this helps! Feel free to ask any other questions that you might have.