Essayist: One of the claims of laissez–faire economics is that increasing the minimum wage reduces the total numbe...

andreaskormusis on December 29, 2020

Is A not right?

I feel as though A is quite literally expressing exactly what is expressed in the argument. Can you explain why it is not correct? I get that it says "all doctrines" in the answer and that that's very string but the article quite literally says that Laizze-faire economics is inaccurate, it never specifies just the doctrine of the economics of minimum wage.

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shunhe on January 5, 2021

Hi @andreaskormusis,

Thanks for the question! (A) is not the correct answer here. Remember, we’re being asked for a necessary assumption of the argument. One of the reasons why is that we don’t need ALL doctrines of laissez-faire economics to be inaccurate. Remember, for these kinds of questions, be wary of strong language like “all” or “none,” since it is rare that an argument will actually assume something so strong. It’s not true that all of them must be inaccurate for the argument to still be correct. We’re also not even sure that this particular prediction was an incorrect one, so it’s possible that (A) doesn’t even apply.

Hope this helps! Feel free to ask any other questions that you might have.