When students receive negative criticism generated by computer programs, they are less likely to respond positively t...

on January 6 at 09:23PM

Quick Breakdown

I feel as though this question has a lot of good answer choices, yet there's no breakdown of each answer choice like there is supposed to be according to this program. Can someone please breakdown the answer choices so that I can understand both why I got the question right and why the other answers are wrong? Thanks

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Shunhe on January 9 at 02:08PM

Hi @andreaskormusis,

Thanks for the question! (A) is the correct answer because it basically directly links the conclusion (the last sentence after the comma) to the premises.

(B) is wrong because compassion isn’t mentioned anywhere in the stimulus and so can’t be a necessary assumption.

(C) is wrong because we don’t need to know that students ALWAYS know if their critics are humans or computers. Too strong of an assumption. The student could just be subconsciously reacting to computer feedback vs. human feedback.

(D) is wrong because we don’t care about the favorability of criticism, just how criticism is accepted.

(E) is wrong for the same reason as (D). Favorability of criticism isn’t mentioned in the stimulus, and so can’t be a necessary assumption.

Hope this helps! Feel free to ask any other questions that you might have.

on January 11 at 09:10PM

Thanks! I hope you guys can get onto putting these breakdowns into your answers ASAP. Those breakdowns are half the reason I'm able to improve and when we are left in the dark it's equivalent to telling us students were wrong and walking away. In the moment being able to read a breakdown of why I'm wrong is what truly helps me get the next questions right more frequently and I know most students are the same way.

Shunhe on January 21 at 12:10AM

Glad I was able to help! We are working on putting up the breakdowns, but thank you for the feedback!