If the installation takes three days, and if the sanding is done on the third day, then which one of the following co...

JoeRigs on January 11, 2021


It seems that with this game the conditions of each task must only be done by one crew member once and each crew member has to do at least one task over the course of the installation project lead to contractions. If G can only do taping and M can only do sanding, then that leads to a whole mess where there aren’t enough unique jobs for the rest of the crew to complete.

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shunhe on January 14, 2021

Hi @JoeRigs,

Thanks for the question! The incorrect assumption you made was that each crew member has to do at least one task. Remember to read carefully the information before the rules! We’re told that “a crew of up to five workers” is doing this. And we’re given a total of 7 people. So that means we are picking at most 5 out of 7 people. So it’s not like both G and M are always going to be in the crew.

Hope this helps! Feel free to ask any other questions that you might have.