Council member P: Alarmists are those who see an instance of pollution and exaggerate its significance into a major ...

andreaskormusis on January 11, 2021

I dont get this

How does any of this even make sense? I can't even distinguish what it is these premises really have to do with each other.

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shunhe on January 13, 2021

Hi @andreaskormusis,

Thanks for the question! So let’s take it step by step. It’s a disagreement question, so one of them should agree with the statement, and the other should disagree. The important part of the stimulus for the answer choice are the last parts of what council members P and Q say. P says at the end that people have a disposition to not pollute. So take a look at (E), which says that they disagree over whether people are inclined to pollute. Council member P would say “no.”

Now what would council member Q say? Well, remember, they says that it’s surely easier to pollute than not to pollute. In other words, council member Q would agree with (E) and say that people are inclined to pollute. One agrees, one disagrees, and so (E) is the correct answer.

Hope this helps! Feel free to ask any other questions that you might have.