According to the concept of private property as presented in the passage, which one of the following most completely ...

Alexandra on January 12, 2021

Why not A or D. Why C?

I found context for answer A in lines 48-51 so I thought? I also don't understand why the answer can't be D it seems as though we could use the context from line 40 even though I do see why this could be discredited. But I do not really see any context for the answer C?

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shunhe on January 13, 2021

Hi @Alexandra,

Thanks for the question! Take a look at lines 19-22. Those give direct support for (C): “use their property as they see fit without outside interference.”

(A) is wrong because bills of sale aren’t mentioned in the passage.

(D) is also not mentioned in the passage. We need more direct evidence for (D).

Hope this helps! Feel free to ask any other questions that you might have.