Recently, reviewers of patent applications decided against granting a patent to a university for a genetically engine...

Cheynne on January 12, 2021

Can we get a clearer explanation of E is incorrect

I was caught between A and E, however it selected A more on "gut feeling". However, I am interested in gaining a more clear understanding on why E is incorrect. Am I correct in assuming that E in incorrect because such a ruling as the answer retells would pertain a different patent altogether since the one mentioned in stim is focused on "new variety of animals" and not "breeding programs"?

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Shunhe on January 13, 2021

Hi @cheynnelee,

Thanks for the question! So remember, this is a weaken question. What are we trying to weaken? The patent reviewers’ argument, which ultimately denied granting the patent. So we want to make it seem like they were wrong, that they should have granted the patent.

(E) says that we can weaken their argument by pointing out that they decided against granting patents for new animal varieties that were developed through conventional breeding programs rather than through genetic engineering. So it basically says, the reviewers also don’t grant patents for new animal varieties from conventional breeding programs. How does that make it seem like they should’ve granted the patent? It doesn’t, so it doesn’t weaken, and is thus wrong.

Hope this helps! Feel free to ask any other questions that you might have.