Based on the passage, which one of the following scenarios is most similar to some legal scholars' use of the utility...

Allison on January 17, 2021


I was between these two answers but ended up officially picking E, so I was just wondering if this could be explained and why B makes the most sense?

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Emil on October 21 at 02:32PM

Analogy questions are often annoying, but we should always start with the passage. In the passage, we take an idea from a different discipline, economics, and apply that to our discipline to show that two things we thought were in conflict are actually approaching the same idea.

In b, we take an idea from one discipline and apply it to our discipline, and use it to show that two things we though we're going in different directions are actually going in the same direction.

I don't love the idea of diverging and parallel lines, but it is closer to the idea of showing things are not actually in conflict than any of the other answer choices.