Which one of the following could be the organizer's selection of works?

Cheynne on January 25, 2021

Can we get a complete explanation of these games?

Can we get a complete explanation of the setup of this game as well as explanations for 7 - 11 ?

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on August 5 at 10:08PM

An explanation for the setup would be super helpful

Emil on August 7 at 04:44PM

I would set this up an an in out game, with either five or 6 in.

Y: _ _ _ _ _ _?
N: _ _ _ _?

The first rule tells us that at most 4/5 of our French works are selected, so there must always be at least one French out.

Y: _ _ _ _ _ _?
N: _ _ _ _? (At least one French)

Our next rule tells us that either three or four novels are in, so we know that either three or two are out. This also means that either two or three of the plays are in
Y: N N N P P _?
N: N N _ _? (At least one French)

The third rule tells us that there are not more Russian novels than French novels, and the final rule tells us that we cannot have all three plays in, and since we have to have at least two in, we know two are in and one is out, and that at least one of the two plays in is French. This means that the only undetermined things are the composition of the novels and plays by origin, and whether the final novel is in or out.

Y: N N N P P(f) _?
N: N N P _?