In a study, infant monkeys given a choice between two surrogate mothers—a bare wire structure equipped with a milk bo...

Olivia on January 28, 2021

How is A different from E

If the desire for warmth and comfort is "nearly as strong as" their desire for food, doesn't that imply that their desire for food is stronger? That answer choice means the same thing as answer choice E.. as least that is how we commonly use the phrase "nearly as strong as" - is it wrong because of the word "nearly"?


on February 9, 2021

Can I please also follow up on Olivia's question - I picked E here too. Thank you! I feel like I am often in between two answer choices and pick the wrong one - any tips for this? Thank you!

on February 9, 2021

Sorry - meant to say I picked A here instead of the correct answer E1! thank you!