If neither Lorilou nor VELSOR offers 5-year bonds, then which one of the following must be true?

Ricky on March 1, 2021

Why not A

If LV are out of 5 year bond then GHRS are in for 5 year bond Either H or L is in and the other is out. S would be out b/c of rule 2. S can’t be offered in both unless V is in 5. Which it is not. We know that H or L is out and S is out. Then that means GRV are in and H or L is in 5:GHRS/LV 10:GRV_/S_ H or L doesn’t matter. That’s my answer. Here’s what LSAT has for the answer 5:GHRS/LV 10:RVS_/G_ H or L doesn’t matter. Why is 10:S allowed? Doesn’t make sense. Rule 2 V5>S5&S10 What’s the contra positive?

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Ricky on March 3, 2021

The second comment "Either H or L is in and the other is out. S would be out b/c of rule 2. S can’t....." I am discussing the 10 year bond.

Emil on June 21 at 12:21AM

Hi, you're right that in our initial setup we know that
10: LV

We also know that if L is 10, R must also be 10, so we know that r must be in both.

I think you may be missing the contrapositive here. The contrapositive of rule 2 is that if S isn't in both, then V isn't in 5. This doesn't prove that s is out.