If Alicia takes Statistics at 3 P.M. and Geography, then which one of the following courses must she also take?

Nigel on April 2 at 10:56AM

G versus W

How do we know G is in versus W? I thought W would be in as opposed to G because if W is in, there cannot be Statistics at 9am. Please advise.

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Victoria on April 2 at 06:55PM

Hi @NS1,

Happy to help!

We know that Geography is in because the question stem tells us that Alicia takes Statistics at 3:00 pm and Geography.

Alicia cannot take Psychology because she is taking Statistics at 3:00 pm. Alicia also cannot take World History because she is already taking Geography.

Therefore, her remaining course options are Japanese, Macroeconomics, and Russian.

We know that, if Alicia takes Macroeconomics, then she cannot take Japanese. Therefore, if Alicia takes Macroeconomics, she must also take Russian.

If Alicia takes Japanese, then she cannot take Macroeconomics. Therefore, if Alicia takes Japanese, she must also take Russian.

Therefore, Alicia must always take Russian, making answer choice (D) the correct answer.

Hope this helps! Please let us know if you have any further questions.