Contrary to Malthus's arguments, human food-producing capacity has increased more rapidly than human population. Yet,...

navikaur on May 17, 2021


I absolutely love how the questions and answers are explained. Thank you for going into the depth and really breaking it all down in these prep tests!

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Anokhi on June 7, 2022

Why is it not a hypothesis?

Emil-Kunkin on June 8, 2022


I think we could say that the claim is not a hypothesis because the argument never sets out to prove it. Generally speaking, a hypothesis is a statement which one intends to prove or support. More importantly, we should focus on what kind of hypothesis A and E claim the statement is.

The Claim is certainly not something the argument provides reasons to think it is false, so A is incorrect. And, The author never says that the claim is not supported by enough evidence, so E is correct. The "Label" that the answer choices give to the claim is far less important than the role in the argument each describes.