In Brazil, side–by–side comparisons of Africanized honeybees and the native honeybees have shown that the Africanized...

on May 26, 2021

Why is A incorrect?

Hi! Can someone please explain how the fact that the bees native to brazil are not the same variety as those most frequently used in the commercial beekeeping industry in the US would weaken the argument? Also, wouldn't (c) the fact some trees would be less effectively pollinated be a reason to fear the displacement of native bees by Africanized honeybees from Brazil? Thanks in advance!

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on August 9, 2022

I was wondering this EXACT thing! I chose A- and then ended up with C. Still dont understand this. The only conclusion I can think of is the word ORNAMENTAL- meaning that they are not necessary for honey production. Not sure. Would appreciate a response on this

Emil on August 14, 2022

Hi Eaten,

A weakens the argument since it is possible that the American honeybees are better honey producers than the Brazilian bees. While we know the Africanized bees are better than the Brazilian ones, it is possible that they are less effective than the American ones.

C does not weaken the argument. The argument is about honey production, and C tells us nothing about honey production. I have no idea if the pollination of ornamental trees impacts honey production, but in the absence of evidence that it does, there is no way to say that worse pollination of ornamental trees will have any impact on honey production.