If there are any inspired performances in the concert, the audience will be treated to a good show. But there will n...

Sammy on May 27, 2021

Why is the second diagram (sentence) not "not be a good show -> no sophisticated listeners

Unless introduces a necessary condition and the sentence states "But there will not be a good show unless there are sophisticated listeners in the audience," so why in the answer explanation is it worded as "Sophisticated listeners (no) -> Good show (no)?

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JackM on August 26, 2022

I have the same question.

Emil-Kunkin on September 1, 2022


Our statement is: bad show unless SL. This means that if there are no SL, then we are guaranteed to have a bad show. Or,

If No SL -> No Good Show

The way you diagramed it, (No GS -> No SL/ If SL -> GS) would have some pretty whacky implications. Does having SL guarantee a good show? Maybe the performers are simply such, or the venue is struck by a meteor. In both of these cases it would not be a good show regardless of whether there are SL in the audience.