It is easy to see that the board of directors of the construction company is full of corruption and should be replace...

AllisonJ on May 31, 2021


can this be explained further?

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Shula on October 23 at 05:43AM

Could someone plz explain the correct answer choice? The passage is hard to understand.

Emil-Kunkin on October 26 at 12:27AM

The author concluded that the entire board is full of corruption, but only offers evidence that the staff of one board member were corrupt. This certainly fails to prove that the board is corrupt. If the staff of one out of a ten member board is corrupt, it's completely possible there is no other corruption, and that 90 percent of the board is squeaky clean. This is what A hits at, we have no clue if anyone else was corrupt, and implicating one member doesn't implicate the entire board.