While it is true that bees' vision is well suited to the task of identifying flowers by their colors, it is probable ...

Caroline on June 2, 2021

Why is A correct?

Why is A correct?


on June 6, 2021

If insects similar to bees do not depend on perceiving the object's color, this eliminates the possibility that these insects developed their vision in response to the flowers. Similarly, we can assume bees didn't develop their vision in response to flowers. Here, you reject a reversed cause-and-effect, which will strengthen the argument.

Abigail on January 2 at 07:44PM

I was between a and e, but I still don't see how e is wrong. The explanation under E doesn't make sense to me. What is wrong with the statement "present day"? It says something about limiting reference to the past, but the stimulus never distinguished between past and present. I don't get it.

Emil on January 15 at 10:35PM

Hi, the argument is about how flowers developed in response to bees. This is one case where you can bring in common sense, flowers evolved millions of years ago, so the behavior of bees today is not relevant.